House Rules

Booking Rules

We unfortunately must stress that the cottage and barn are NOT party houses.

We CAN and WILL be shut down by Noosa council if they receive noise complaints – so we must ask that you treat our holiday homes as a place to relax, unwind, spend quality time with each other and be respectful of the fact that noise does carry extensively in the quietness of the countryside.

Equally, the cottage and barn are insured for only 8 guests so we must insist that additional friends or guests find alternative accommodation if required.

Should you wish to hold a product launch, retreat, birthday or other private event, please reach out to us so we can do our best to accommodate, however as mentioned, only 8 guests may stay overnight at the property.

We sound like real spoil sports we know, but we hope you would help us to be able to continue as a place to escape for future guests by adhering and respecting those two simple requests.


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